How to Back Up SMS Messages on Your Android Phone

Creating a backup of your Android phone’s SMS messages

To create a backup of all your SMS messages, you’ll need to start by installing Carbonite SMS Backup and Restore on your phone. Once that’s done, follow these steps:

  1. On the welcome screen, tap on Get Started.
  2. You’ll have to grant access to files (to save the backup), contacts, SMS (obviously), and manage phone calls (to backup your call logs). Keep tapping Allow on all four pop-ups.
  3. Tap Set up a backup.
  4. Toggle phone calls off if you only want to back up your texts. You can also tap Advanced options if you want to back up MMSes or selected conversations; leave this alone if you want to back up your entire text archive.
  5. Tap Next.
  6. Now, using the toggles, select where you want to make the backup. You can choose Google Drive or Dropbox, but if you don’t want to give access then you can turn on the toggle for Your phone, and then copy the file manually.
  7. If you’re okay with the default folder tap on OK, otherwise tap on Browse and find the folder you want to save the backup in.
  8. Once that’s done, tap on Next, and then in the popup, tap on Yes.
  9. You can either set a backup schedule from the toggles in front of you, or turn off the Schedule recurring backups toggle. Then, tap on Back Up Now.

Restoring a backup of your Android phone’s SMS messages

After you’ve created a backup of your Android phone’s SMS messages, you can go ahead and reset the phone, either because you want to try and free up space, or because you’re moving to a new phone. Now that you’ve made the backup though, what do you do next? Once again, you’ll need to install Carbonite SMS Backup and Restore either on your new phone, or your newly formatted phone. Once that’s done, follow these steps to restore SMS messages:

  1. Ensure that the SMS backup is copied to your phone.
  2. Start Carbonite SMS Backup and Restore and tap Get Started on the welcome screen.
  3. Tap the hamburger menu icon on the top left, and tap on Restore.
  4. Tap on Local backup location if you are using a local copy, or if you chose to use Google Drive or Dropbox, tap on the appropriate button.
  5. It should find the latest backup automatically, but if it does not, tap on Select another backup, and tap on the file you want to restore from. Choose from the toggles to decide what you want to restore, messages, and phone calls.
  6. Tap on Restore, and then OK, and Yes on the next two popups to get started.

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