These Galaxy X images reveal key new details and will leave you stunned

Foldable phones are set to change the face of the mobile market in 2019, and the Samsung Galaxy X is the most eagerly anticipated of them all. Now, to whet your appetite further, we’ve got a stunning new look at how it might size up – and how it could work.

The patent shows a mystery dual-screen Samsung foldable phone that sports a magnetic hinge. This feature, while seemingly an unexciting nuance of the device, would enable it to not only fold out to resemble a tablet and close to a more smartphone-like form factor, but also for one of its two displays to prop up at a 90-degree angle.

This is interesting because it raises the possibility of the Galaxy X’s second screen morphing into a QWERTY keyboard when configured like this, enabling the device to essentially act as a very small laptop.

A further tent-style positioning is also revealed and would no doubt be useful for watching films, TV shows and playing games on-the-go.

According to the site, additional specs we could see on the Galaxy X detail include a pair of cameras and a 3.5mm headphone jack – a seemingly odd decision for such a futuristic phone, but then this is all very speculative stuff. Key information like the time, notifications, battery life, and signal strength will apparently be found on the left-hand screen, while power and volume buttons will sit on the side of the device.

Check out the second render to see how the Galaxy X could shape up in all its foldable, shape-shifting glory.

We’re expecting to see the Galaxy X unveiled in 2019, potential alongside the Galaxy S10 at (or around the same time as) Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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