Nintendo NX Listed At UK Retailer Tesco With £349 Price

Nintendo NX; The new console has appeared on the website of UK retailer Tesco.

A temporary page for the upcoming Nintendo NX console showed the price at £349.99 this morning, according to Twitter user Alice Willison. However the price was later removed from the page.

Nintendo NX price revealed online

Last week a number of retailers went to Nintendo offices in Germany. At the time it was not clear what the meeting was for, but perhaps it was to see the upcoming Nintendo NX.

Rumors continue to swirl about the console, but official details are hard to come by. The Tesco webpage seems like it was probably an honest mistake, but it could suggest that an official announcement could be coming soon.

Nintendo and Tesco worked together before, when the Wii U was suffering from poor sales. This could suggest that today’s leak is accurate.

Image Source: Twitter/@guythefighter

Image Source: Twitter/@guythefighter

How will Nintendo price the NX?

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Nintendo’s previous console sold for £250, rising to £300 for the premium model. If the Nintendo NX does retail at £350, it would represent a significant price hike.

Some recent reports have claimed that Nintendo will make an announcement on the console in October. Retailers generally start to take pre-orders once these announcements are made, so we may be about to learn more about the Nintendo NX.

At the same time things are moving ahead with other consoles. The Sony PS4 Pro and the PSVR are both priced at £350, with both scheduled for release in time for the holiday season.

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