Brock Lesnar On Stephanie McMahon UFC Comments: ‘I don’t care what she says’

Earlier this week, Stephanie McMahon Chief Brand Officer of WWE did an interview with Business Insider where she was asked about Brock Lesnar’s upcoming fight at UFC 200 against Mark Hunt. McMahon said that WWE was “not supporting the fight necesssarily.” During Thursday’s UFC media call, Lesnar was asked about this and it was the first time he had heard about comments. He laughed and said “I don’t know. I don’t care what she says.”

“In Brock Lesnar’s case it was really a special case that we are allowing him to do this fight,” McMahon said. “But like you said it’s not really a cross-promotional opportunity, but we are allowing him to participate in that fight.”

In the interview with Business Insider, she added, “We are not supporting the fight necessarily but, again, it’s not a competitor to us and the more that our superstars, that’s how we refer to our talent, the more they do outside of WWE, the more awareness it generates and the broader the audience can be that is then brought back into our properties. So we recognize the value of that.”

Lesnar was blunt when asked if he was worried about his drawing power being affected if he lost to Hunt next weekend. He responded: “I really don’t give a sh*t.”

Lesnar noted that he’s not doing this fight for anyone else but himself and he wants to feel like an athlete again. He told the press that he is feeling good again and his training camp is going great. The fight with Hunt is a “one-off” before he returns to WWE. Lesnar, as of today, is scheduled to return on the draft edition of Smackdwon on 7/19 on USA. His first return match will be at SummerSlam in August.

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