Oppo tests 5G multiparty video call on a smartphone: All you need to know

After completing 5G signaling as well as data connections on smartphones, Oppo has now successfully tested the world’s first multiparty video call on a smartphone on the 5G network via the WeChat app.
Oppo, the Chinese smartphone maker and one of the top OEMs in the world, has achieved a handful of industry firsts in the recent past and now the company has joined the 5G connectivity race by becoming the first smartphone maker to make the world’s first 5G multiparty video call from a handset. OPPO has announced that it successfully completed the first-ever multiparty video call in the world on a smartphone via the 5G network at 12:57 am local time.

The company further added that engineers from six OPPO R&D institutes situated across the world participated in the video call using the WeChat app, which is a popular Chinese social media application. The inaugural message of the call was “Hello OPPO, Hello 5G”. Oppo released a footage of the video call which was made through an Oppo R15 Pro-based 5G smartphone while the call lasted for more than 17 minutes on the network having a bandwidth of 100 MHz.
The engineers who took part in the 5G multiparty video call reported smooth connectivity as well as low latency while Oppo reportedly used Keysight’s UXM test set along with the 5G New Radio (NR) network emulation solutions for protocol as well as RF performance validation in sub-6GHz frequency bands (FR1).
It should also be noted that Oppo completed one of the world’s first 5G signaling as well as data connections on a smartphone in August this year and became the first company to complete a 5G Internet access test in October. “5G is a trend OPPO must embrace. In addition to striving to become the first manufacturer to launch 5G smartphones, OPPO’s exploration of application opportunities in the 5G+ era will ultimately determine the value of 5G,” Tony Chen, Founder, President and CEO of OPPO stressed at the recent 2018 OPPO Technology Exhibition in Shenzhen, “OPPO will fully integrate 5G with applications and user insights, and continuously innovate to provide users with revolutionary, necessary, convenient and seamless experiences,” said Oppo in a statement.

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